The OSpell Project

The OSpell Project

Open Source Spell Checker Database

The OSpell Project

It all began because we needed to be able to check spelling on a variety of different websites from all around the world
We could put together some lists of words but nothing fully comprehensive that could account for differences in spelling country to country. Collecting from every souce we could find, we created the database and then started adding words mostly in .dic formats, to account for all the different spellings. Version 1.00 of the database is now ready for production use. It is FAST at checking entire documents , paragraphs and stories. WE will continue to add more words as we find them.

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Word Spelling for
UK, Canada , Australia, USA and New Zealand

Current Project Objectives

Add New Words
WE will keep adding new words as we find them
Current stats
561,436 Total words

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